Round Boat Brush


Using the right brush is a marriage made in heaven for a good soap. Get those hard spots out! Interchangeable poles are available that makes swapping your brush easy to tackle different surfaces.

Offering the finest Brush option for application of Boat and Hose Soap


This product makes an ideal bowrider brush, deck boat brush or yacht brush. The Boat Lover’s Towel round brush is great for cleaning your vessel’s instrument panel as well as the small and hard-to-reach areas that are inaccessible to larger brushes. The soft nylon bristle has low moisture absorption properties, making it excellent for wet applications. Nylex fiber has a good memory and returns to its original shape after use.

Advantages of our Brush

  • Safe for all finishes
  • Synthetic Nylex fiber resists chemicals
  • Round shape helps protect against dings
  • Standard thread accommodates a variety of pole options
  • Fits the Boat Lover’s Towel extension pole


  • 4.5 in. diameter


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