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the Sea vixen promise to keep boats and marine environment clean

Spending years aboard a dirty boat and marine environment, we came across a vixen on a dingy in the middle of the sea.  She came aboard, grabbed our hose, wet our vessel, applied her magic bubbles, and scrubbed our decks so clean they glimmered like a shiny gold piece.   Since that day our boat has been the cleanest on the 7 seas.  We bottled the sea vixen’s magic and named it Boat & Hose to share with all.

Why is Boat and Hose a Different Soap?

Marine Environmental Benefits

Boat Soap Marine Environment


Toxicity / Ingredients

Phosphate Free

Recyclable Bottle

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soap features check mark
soap features check mark
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Soap suds on your boat not in the marine environment and dissipates quickly leaving minimal trace of your wash

Boat and Hose soap is made of luxurious ingredients from nature.  It doesn’t get any more natural than this

We have a 0% phosphate p;locy and are sticking with it.

Please recycle!  All our bottles are meant for reuse not left in the marine environment

Boater Benefits

Boater Benefits Marine Environment

No Buckets

Neutral pH Level

Squirt and Stick

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Leave your bucket at home! Wet your boat, squirt on the deck, scrub releasing the cleansing suds, and wash off clean

Keep your wax on… Our soap has a soft pH range of 6.5-7.5

The unique squirt and stick application makes spot or whole boat cleaning a breeze.  


Boat Soap Today is:

  1. Vague About Ingredients
  2. Overpriced
  3. Boring
  4. Hard to Apply

We want boating maintenance to be cost effective, fun, and safe for the marine environment

Clean Marine Environment
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