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Serious Boat Soap with a Sense of Humor

Natural Soap for captains who want a Clean Environment and Boat

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Wash your boat with the finest natural soap. Our soap is crafted using luxurious natural ingredients and oils. The unique squirting application eliminates the need for cumbersome buckets. Easily tackle a spot or wash your whole boat with ease. Suds quickly dissipating once they hit the water reducing environmental impact. Simply wet, apply, scrub, and wash off.

Boat Soap Spray


If you don't have time to wash your boat. We are working on a simple natural spay will help your boat stay looking clean until your next sudsing. Contact Us if this product interests you!

Boat Soap Accessories


Stick out of the crowd with your Boat and Hose swag or buy the right tools to make your cleaning job easy.

Four basic tools are needed to quickly clean your boat the right way after a day out on the water

1. A Hose - Keeping your boat wet during the soaping process is key to removing dirt. Use a marine hose that can handle hard environments it will last longer. Finding one that is drinking safe is a plus.

2. Boat and Hose Soap - Join the pirate movement by using a safe and fun soap that cleans fast. It should be fun not hard work.

3. Brush - Little to say using the right brush is a marriage made in heaven for a good soap. Get those hard spots out. Inter-changeable poles are available making swapping your brush out easy to tackle different surfaces.

4. Drying Mop - Now that your vessel is clean wipe it down to remove water spots before they form and keep it shiny. Mops are fast for the inside of your boat and squeegee for your hull.

Our passion

Boat Soap Marine Environment

The Environment

We care about the environment and so should you.  The boat soap you use drains into the water we swim, fish, water ski, drink, and share with natures magical creatures!  All of our products are developed with the sea, oceans, lakes and rivers top of mind mind.

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